Robotic Surgery

We are the only surgical group in East Texas to offer a wide range of Robotic General Surgical Procedures. Robotics is a game-changer in the field of general surgery, and as the technology advances, the applications will continue to expand as well.
Dr. Tyrone Miller

Procedure Highlight: Single-Site Cholecystectomy

Gallbladder surgery can be done using open surgery (through one large incision) or minimally invasively (through a few small incisions.) However, surgeons using da Vinci technology can remove the gallbladder through one small incision (cut) in the belly button using Single-Site* technology, or through a few small incisions.

da Vinci Single-Site patients experience virtually scarless results, like single-incision traditional laparoscopy.

Over the past 2 years, our practice has performed over 150 successful robotic surgeries. We have found improved patient satisfaction, decreased postoperative pain, quicker recovery time and return-to-work, and shorter hospitalizations. Most important, we are now able to perform operations which would be difficult if not impossible to perform laparoscopically.
Dr. Mark Robbins

Advantages of Computer Aided, Minimally Invasive Surgery

Improved Vision

Surgery win an HD, RD, magnified, totally immersed view.

Wristed Instruments

This is a huge return of dexterity that was lost in laparoscopy.

Improved Ergonimics

Now surgeons can sit in the same supported, comfortable position for every case.

Firefly Visualization

A special dye is injected into the patient. A builtin laser light is turned on and the dye glows! Now the surgeon can see incredible detail in the bowel vascularity or the bile ducts right through the other tissues.

Vessel Sealer Stapler

Stable control of these technologies allows greater precision and control in the critical use of these devices.

Procedure Highlight: Inguinal/Ventral Hernia

Hernia is the fastest growing procedure robotically.

With nearly 200% year-over-year growth since 2012, the procedure is on its way to becoming the new standard of care. More than 7,000 incisional/ventral hernias were done in 2015.

Advantages for the patient:

  • Closing primary defect

  • Lower recurrence rate

  • Shorter hospital stay

  • Less pain

  • Faster return to normal activities

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