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Vascular Tyler’s team of board-certified surgeons and expert staff are here to provide comprehensive care and prevention, all under one roof. Our goal is a healthier life for you.
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Improve the health and beauty of your legs with minimally invasive treatment at The Vein Clinic at Vascular Tyler.
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It may be more than just a pain. It may be vascular disease. Let the experts at Vascular Tyler help.
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Depend on Vascular Tyler to provide a quicker response to the needs of your patients, from diagnosis to treatment and surgery. Let’s work together.
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Get the complete story on Vascular Tyler’s patient experience and how we care for your vascular health from actual patients and our own team of experienced professionals.

The Patient Experience

Dr. Robbins looked at my imaging and made an appointment that same day for me to come in. At Vascular Tyler, it’s just like a family environment every time I come in here. If I have to go the doctor’s (office), this is where I want to go.
L. Cunningham, Patient
We don’t want to spend a whole lot of time with rehabilitation or in some sort of medical facility, so it was great discovering that there’s only little or no downtime. It was a matter of hours instead of days or weeks.
B. Finch, Patient
I had excruciating pain and was told I needed a knee replacement. But Dr. Robbins said I just need vascular surgery. They gave me relief from my pain, and they’re kind and interested in you as a patient and a person. This is the place to come.
M. Finch, Patient

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